Peanut Allergy Letter

Dear Parent & Guardians: 

Please be aware that we have several children at Guest Elementary that have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and nuts. Some may neither eat, touch nor even inhale the aroma of peanuts without life-threatening consequences. As a result, it is imperative that we all keep this in mind when planning for any food brought into school.  

We are asking for your help and cooperation as we work together to keep all of our students safe. Please remember this serious allergy situation when sending any food to school with your child. Parents are encouraged to make alternative choices when sending food to school with their children.  All classrooms will allow healthy snacks of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese.   

Although Guest Elementary is not a peanut-free building, we must keep any products out of the “peanut-free” classrooms that could cause a negative reaction. A detailed letter will be sent to families in the peanut-free classrooms. All students will participate in a discussion about the special prevention needs of a classmate who is peanut/nut allergic. This will be an age-appropriate explanation that may need reinforcement at home.  

We have designated certain areas and classrooms in the building as “peanut-free”. Allergic students will receive close supervision during lunch and on field trips, and will be eating only in an area where peanuts and nut products are not allowed. There is an emergency plan in place for unexpected exposure, but our most effective tool is prevention and education. 

We appreciate the support of families in helping to minimize the possible exposure for these children to peanuts and other nut products. As always, the health, safety, and well-being of each and every child at our school continues to be of the utmost importance to all of us.   

By all means, if you have any concerns about allergies, have questions, or need clarification, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to assist. There are several ways to contact me;

  • 248-956-3332 (direct office line)
  • 248-421-4814 (text/cell)


Mark Hess