Walled Lake Central - Attendance

At Walled Lake Central, we believe in the value of having every student, every day engaged and learning in school.  Consistent attendance provides students the opportunity to learn core academic skills and to develop the soft skills needed for future success.  Class attendance is necessary to be able to develop and hone skills in leadership, conflict management, teamwork, time management, communication, problem-solving, and many other important career-impacting abilities.  Daily lesson plans in the classroom allow for student growth in important skills needed beyond high school as well as target specific academic areas.  Missed classroom activities can never fully be replicated for these important impacts.  The major responsibility for acceptable attendance lies with the individual student and his/her parent.  Teachers, administrators, and counselors have the responsibility to assist the parent and student in meeting the goal of acceptable attendance.

  • Acceptable Reasons for Excused Absences are as follows:
    • College visits (provide documentation)
    • Religious holiday/celebration
    • Medical/Dental/Mental Health Appointment (provide documentation)
    • Bereavement
    • Quarantine
    • Illness

*Families are encouraged to plan vacations during scheduled school breaks.

  • Procedure for Reporting a Student Absence: It is important that student absences are due to one of the acceptable reasons above. 
    • Student should email his or her teachers to inquire about missed instruction and makeup work opportunities.
    • Parent/Guardian call the Attendance Hotline at (248) 956-4999.  Follow the prompts.
    • Parent/Guardian only may excuse an absence (students who call themselves in to excuse an absence may be subject to disciplinary action)
    • Pre-arranged absences: should be communicated to the school the day prior or before 7:00 a.m. the morning of dismissal

Other Important Attendance Information

  • WLC seeks to preserve the academic environment. The attendance office will not call classrooms to excuse a student from class unless it is a true emergency.
  • WLC is a closed campus.  Students are not allowed to be called out of school by a parent/guardian to eat lunch off campus and then return to school.
    • If a student is returning to WLC the same day as the dismissal due to a healthcare appointment, it is expected that the student will provide a note on a health provider's letterhead verifying the date and time the student was seen by the provider.
  • TARDY POLICY: Students who are late to first hour are marked tardy.  While we appreciate a phone call from a parent, the student is still tardy.
    • Four (4) or more tardies to any class is considered excessive. Students cannot learn as effectively when they are not on time to class.
    • Students may be assigned an after-school detention after the 4th tardy to a class. Additional progressive consequences, such as additional detentions, loss of driving/parking privileges, and/or suspension, may result after the 8th tardy to a class, with additional consequences for additional tardies.
    • All consequences for excessive attendance issues are designed to promote student learning and achievement.
  • If a student is symptomatic (ill) at school, a parent or emergency contact is kindly expected to promptly come to school to pick up the student within 30 minutes of notification.
  • WLCSD Board of Education Policies can be viewed at https://wlcsd.org/board-of-education/district-board-policy-manual/
  • The Oakland Schools Truancy Department website is https://www.oakland.k12.mi.us/school-districts/administrative-support/pupil-accounting/truancy.