Principal's Welcome

Greetings to Viking Country!

My name is Kyle Meteyer, and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the principal at Walled Lake Central High School.

The past several school years have tested the resolve of many in our society, but thanks to our highly-driven students, always-supportive parents and community, unbelievably-capable faculty and staff, and steady hands of the administrative team, our students at Walled Lake Central continue to find ways to be successful, grow every day, and thrive in all conditions.  I look forward to working with every student and staff member to continue to ensure that Walled Lake Central is a welcoming, wonderful place to learn and prepare for whatever life has to offer.

I have proudly served for many years as an educator.  Previously, I served in administrative positions at Lake Orion High School and Plymouth High School, and I began my educational career as an English teacher, soccer coach, and track coach at Salem High School in Canton.  I hold degrees from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

My family includes my wife, three children, and our puppy.  Our family enjoys youth sports and traveling, and I personally enjoy outdoor physical activities and reading.  

In closing, please know that I truly believe that when a group of people, from the crew of a battleship to the staff of a high school, work together in unison toward a common goal, there is no obstacle that can prevent success. I know this to be true at Walled Lake Central, and I look forward to getting to know each and every WLC student very soon so we can continue down this path of success, together.

Please accept my gratitude for accepting me into your Walled Lake Central community.

Yours in Education,

Kyle Meteyer
PrincipalWalled Lake Central High School
@KAMeteyer on Twitter