Walled Lake Central Counseling

It is our Counseling Department's goal to ensure all students are able to access the personal, social, academic, and career development services of the Walled Lake Central Counseling Department.  

Counselor caseloads are divided alphabetically, according to the student's Last Name:

A - EU                     Mrs. Amanda Swanson            amandaswanson@wlcsd.org

EV - KOM               Mrs. Jennifer Caverly                JenniferCaverly@wlcsd.org

KON - ROUK          Mrs.  Pamela Wesley                 PamelaWesley@wlcsd.org

Roul-Z                    Mr. Terrence Johnson               TerrenceJohnson@wlcsd.org

How to schedule an appointment with a counselor:

LINK to make and appointment with a counselor


How to request a schedule change:

- Students will need to complete a Schedule Change Request Form

- The following are the ONLY VALID REASONS to request a change.  If none of these apply, the change will be denied:

   1) I previously passed this course or completed in summer school (must email             verification).

  2) I have not taken the perquisite for this course.

  3) I am a SENIOR and need a different class to graduate in June.

  4) I am requesting a move from a course that is overloaded.

  5) I was placed into a course that was not on my Course Request Form.