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Outside Resources & Tutoring  

The WLCS Counseling Department acknowledges families who are seeking assistance in various areas.  WLCS provides this information as a source for families to consider when looking for resources. WLCS does not endorse nor receive benefits from any of the agencies listed. WLCS encourages families to thoroughly research potential agencies and programs.

The Internet has a wealth of information for college bound students and their parents. It is possible to access just about any type of information related to college – the only problem you may have is not enough time to use all the sites! Below is a sampling of a few of the best sites in various categories. This should get you started, and will lead you to many links that can provide more information. Remember that you can always type in the name of a college or university in the ‘search’ box of AOL, Dogpile, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. Colleges will often put their entire catalog on the web for you to review, along with all the admission and financial aid information you will need.

For General College information:
External LinkBrain Track - A comprehensive directory of United States colleges and universities, since 1996.
External LinkCollegeboard - This is home page of the College Board and contains a wealth of information for students, parents, counselors, teachers, admission staff, financial aid officers, etc. Links to the various programs College Board offers, including a college search engine, PSAT, SAT I &II, Advanced Placement testing, financial aid information, SAT prep., and much more. There is an “SAT Question of the Day” to help prepare daily for SAT tests.
External LinkCollegelink - Computerized application information, great stories about the college search written by students, financial aid information, etc.
External LinkCollege View - Not as complete as the CollegeView propriety program that many high schools purchase, but a good sample of multimedia college tours, a searchable database, and financial aid help.
External LinkSourcepath - The college guides and aid home page – this site offers ranking and “star” evaluations of college admissions and financial aid resources.
External LinkMy College Guide - College Guide with electronic links to colleges and admissions advice for students.
External LinkCollege Express - Admissions advice, search engine, financial aid advice, etc.
External LinkFIHE - Foundation for Independent Higher Education – college search for private colleges, admissions information, more
External LinkCampus Tours - Hundreds of schools’ interactive virtual tours.
External LinkReview.com - The Princeton Review, including an interactive counselor, ratings, etc.
External LinkPetersons - College search, admissions information, test prep, more. Lots of links.
External LinkUS News - The famous list of ratings! Some critics do not agree with the criteria used, but this list makes big news every year. Pick a college and you can compare up to three others side by side to see the differences. Also test prep, admissions information, and more
External LinkNACAC - National Association for College Admission Counseling – student and parent information page, and a good place to find listings of national college fairs.
External LinkU.S. Department of Education - “Easy Access for Students and Institutions.” Collection of links that range from pre-college planning to repayment of loans.
External Linkembark.com - Another college search engine that surveys what you are looking for and generates a list of schools that meet your criteria.
External Linkecola.com - Online researcher – can link to a college locator by state.
External LinkCollege Confidential - Extensive college-related articles, book reviews, recommendations, and forums.
External LinkCollege Possible - Introductory site for planning, choosing and paying for college.

For specific college information (by state or interest area):

Go to individual college and university homepages. You may also want to go to:
External LinkNAIA - National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics regulation site. Gives information on how athletic scholarships work and how to qualify
External LinkSecurity on Campus.org - This page covers over 1,500 campuses and lists material from FBI crime reports and independent crime reports in neighborhoods surrounding colleges. Also links to many campus police department websites.

Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Student Loans

Remember to check with the Financial Aid office of each the colleges or universities you are interested in. They can help you get answers to specific questions. For general information, try:

External LinkScholarships4school -The purpose of this free website is to provide students with the tools they need to make informed decisions about obtaining scholarships and other forms of financial aid.  
External Linkfafsa.ed.gov - Interactive web version of the most important form needed to apply for financial aid -the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
External LinkFast Web - A free scholarship search database.
External Linkwww.finaid.org - Extremely helpful site with links to many financial aid pages.
External Linkwww.teri.org  - Organization to help middle-income families afford a college education. Also has a database of 150 colleges describing programs for underrepresented populations, including students from low-income families or first-generation college students.
External LinkSallie Mae - Another lender and source of student loans. Free access to CASHE (College Aid Sources for Higher Education) database.
External LinkCollege View - Link to the scholarship database section.
External LinkHACU - Scholarships and fellowships - this is the Hispanic association of colleges and universities site.
External LinkAIHEC The American Indian Higher Education Consortium – lists scholarship opportunities.
External LinkScholarships.com - Free search for scholarships and financial aid.

Standardized Tests

External LinkPower Prep - Strategies for college testing; FAQ about testing
External LinkCollegeboard.com - As stated above, this has links to SAT I, II, PSAT, AP test information, dates, online registration, deadlines, etc.
External Linkact.org - Information, test dates, online registration, ACT test prep., etc.
External LinkTest Prep - SAT test prep site.
External Link4tests.com - Free online practice tests for the SAT and ACT.
External Linknumber2.com - Free SAT, ACT, GRE test preparation and vocabulary builder.


External LinkFamily Education - Family education network, with a section on high school and beyond.
External LinkCollegeparents.org - National membership association to help parents prepare and put students through college.


External Linkcareers.com - Starting point for links to other career reference sites, organized by clusters, regions, alphabetically, etc.
External LinkPetersons.com - Go to their career channel to take a variety of career assessments
External LinkCareerbuilder.com - Go to the site’s college connection and browse some of the college career centers that are in hypertext.
External LinkJobsmart.org - Guide to specific careers with links.
External LinkCollegeboard Careers - Part of College Board site using Expan career search database.  
External LinkBLS - The Bureau of Labor Statistics, part of U.S. Department of Labor, gives you all kinds of information on many careers, and writing resume and interviewing assistance.
External Linkmonster.com - Information about thousands of jobs.

PDF DocumentAddictions - Agencies assisting with addiction
PDF DocumentDomestic Violence - Agencies assisting with domestic violence
PDF DocumentEating Disorders - Agencies assisting with eating disorders
PDF DocumentEmergency Psychiatric - Agencies assisting for psychological emergencies
PDF DocumentFree or Low Cost Services - Free or Low Cost Service Agencies
PDF DocumentGay, Lesbian, & Bisexual - Agencies assisting with sexual orientation
PDF DocumentGrief & Trauma - Agencies assisting with grief & loss
PDF DocumentHelpful Agencies - Agencies offering various services
PDF DocumentMedical - Agencies assisting with medical topics
PDF DocumentSelf Injury - Agencies assisting with self injury
PDF DocumentSuicide - Agencies assisting with suicide and suicide prevention

External LinkMidcourse Correction - For over 20 years Midcourse Correction has run a weekend outdoor challenge camp for at risk youth. Our primary objective is to help incorrigible youth develop self-confidence and a higher concern for the effect their choices have on others. The goal is to be a preventative wake up call for youth that are on a self-destructive path.