Counselor Presentations for Class of 2021

Counselor Presentations for the Class of 2021


College planning guide by Ms. Flagg - Class of 2021 Presentation College Planning Guide Link


Senior year presentation by Mr. Johnson - Class of 2021 Senior Year Presentation Link




Seniors, Do You Need Recommendations for College Admissions or Scholarships?

Seniors, if you need a counselor or teacher recommendation, please use the forms below and return them to your counselor or teacher once you have filled them out. Also, please write a letter of recommendation for yourself and submit it along with the student and parent forms.

  • Most colleges do not require recommendations. You won't need one unless you are applying to a highly selective college like U of M Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo College, Kettering, or an Ivy League school.

Student Information form link for Counselor/Teacher Recommendation

Teacher Recommendation form link

Parent Information form for Counselor/Teacher Recommendation

Student Information Form for Senior Class