Walled Lake Northern-PTSA

Walled Lake Northern PTSA

WLN PTSA was established to promote community, education, and mutual support.

Your PTSA: An Advocate for Education....

Attend a PTSA General Membership Meeting

  • Get the latest on upcoming activities from Students and Staff!
  • Discuss current issues with our Principal, Greg Diamond!
  • Learn about the many opportunities to get involved BIG and SMALL!

Of Merit:

  • Did you know that WLN has the honor of having the first student in Michigan to become a member of a PTSA Board-Lisa Klager, 2006-07 Membership Chairman

Efforts on behalf of the school:

  • Reflections Student Arts Exhibition
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Dinners
  • Coffee with the Principal
  • Fall Open House
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Honors Recognition
  • Classroom Requests
  • Class Activities
  • Student Leadership Camp
  • Hoops for Hearts
  • Exchange Student Welcome
  • Yearbook Support
  • State PTSA Convention participation

PTSA also supports:

  • Parenting Fair
  • Foundation for Excellence
  • Relay for Life
  • Lakes Are Youth Assistance

2019-2020 Officers

Position Name email
President Jackie Gurwin jagurwin@comcast.net
Vice President Fundraising Todd Niehaus toddniehaus@msn.com
Vice President Membership Sarah Klein kleins@valassis.com
Vice President Volunteers Sonya Bentley sonyab9804@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Stephanie Chupack stephanie.chupack@gmail.com
Correspondinc Secretary Tammy Hurley tammyreo@yahoo.com
Treasurer Milissa Straka raven4@comcast.net
Legislative Representative Peggy Honig phonig@comcast.net
Reflections Chairperson Judy Wilson WLNReflectionsChair@gmail.com
Staff Representative Laura Jarvie LauraJarvie@wlcsd.org


Northern Students: Tell us your interpretation of the theme: “Heroes Around Me.Only new and original works of art will be accepted. Enter only ONE piece per the following art categories you qualify for:

  1. Dance Choreography
  2. Film Production
  3. Literature
  4. Music Composition
  5. Photography
  6. Visual Arts (2D and 3D)
  7. Special Artist (must qualify)

No experience is required to participate in Reflections! Choose the arts category you’re interested in, create an original piece of artwork based on the theme, “Heros Around Me” and be recognized as an artist in our community!

Please Read Rules prior to submitting your work to ensure all the requirements are met. The Student Entry Form & the Consent Form (for those students who have other students in their pieces) can be found below the Program Rules. 

In your artist statement, tell us about your work and what it means to you.

  1. How does your work relate to the theme?
  2. What is your personal connection to the theme?
  3. What did you use to create your work (supplies, technology, instrumentation, props, etc)?
  4. What/Who was your inspiration?
Judging Criteria

Volunteer arts and education experts review submissions without knowledge of the entrants' identity.  Judges look for personal interpretations on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill. 

  1. Interpretation-How closely the piece relates to the theme, based on the artwork itself and the artist statement.
  2. Creativity-How creative and original the piece is in its conception of the theme and its presentation
  3. Technique-The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles/techniques of the arts area. 

Visit the art gallery on the national PTA website for examples of national award-winning works.  www.pta.org/reflections

PDF DocumentStudent Entry Packet