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AP Psych Club

Mark Kowalczyk

Providing opportunities for students to discuss issues of mental and emotional health and organize events for students to experience psych-related topics hands-on.

Current club president: William Thomas

Art Club

Donna Ramin

Art club is a fun place for students to express their artistic sides by engaging in after school art projects.

Cyber Knights

Tim McBride

Cyber Knights is a group of students interested in computer science and technology. We discuss, explore, and experiment with various computer technologies to learn more about them and their processes. We also explore various employment opportunities in the cyber world.


Tim McBride

In DECA, students have opportunities to do community service, go on field trips, improve their leadership and communication skills, and participate in fun social activities. Students will also have the opportunity (if they choose to do it) to compete in business competitions.

Film Club

JP Arens

Together we learn about the filmmaking process through mini lessons and learning from watching other films. Additionally, we apply our knowledge in producing and making our own short films and promos for the school.

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Forensics Team

Rob Ritter

An academic team that competes in the art of public speaking and acting

About Forensics Team
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French Club

Kelli Kowalczyk

French club is a fun way for students to learn about the French language and culture.

Current club president: Maddie Pelto

German Club

Kaye Lynn Mazurek

German club is an entertaining and amusing way to practice the language and culture of the German people. The German club members participate in a vast array of activities including food days, games, contests, and crafts. The members of German club grow together to create long-lasting and unforgettable memories.

Interact Club

Dan Carlson

Interact Club is directly involved in our community (both locally and nationally). We do tons of community service and work together as a club, as well as with other clubs, to better our world.

Jew Crew

Mindy Ritter

A place where people can come to participate and learn about Jewish culture

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Knights for Christ

Georgia Ayers

Knights for Christ is the non-denominational Christian Club at WLN. People of every religious background are welcome! We hold meetings every other Friday where we play fun games, get to know one other, and have meaningful conversations about God.

National Honor Society

Joanne Lambert

Kelli Kowalczyk

All students are eligible who meet a minimum grade point average of  3.8 cumulative at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year and/or 3.5 cumulative at the end of the first semester of their junior year.

Sophomores are required to have two extra-curricular activities or athletics, Juniors are required to have three extra-curricular activities or athletics he/she has participated in at Northern High School. The activities can all be the same and they do not necessarily have to be during the same year.

The student is then evaluated by teachers, activity directors, and coaches in character and leadership. If the student has enough extra-curricular activities and his/her evaluations are in good standing, he/she becomes a member and is inducted in May of the junior year.
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News Team

Cyndi Starrs

The news team rehearses and reads the school news to the students and staff in the morning.

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Political Science

Martha Monteith

Political Science Club holds political discussions and debates to get more people involved in the club and active in politics!

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Patrick Ohl

Educational robotics strengthen and support students' skills developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots.

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Social Justice

Catherine Savone

In Social Justice Club, students explore the social, cultural, and economic inequalities imposed on individuals.

Current student leads: Michelle Parsons and Mikayla Baksa

Spanish Club

Piper Smith In Spanish club, we expand and explore the culture and languages, and traditions linked with the Spanish language.

PDF DocumentAbout Spanish Club

Current club president: Meg Roney

Spanish Honor Society

Catherine Savone

Typically we prepare for the National Spanish Exam, we do a charity project, and we contribute with the other language honor societies to provide fun and food and drinks during the holiday gift wrapping event for the school gift exchange that leadership sponsors, as well as any other excuse to get together and celebrate the culture(s).  We also do a very elaborate "knighting" and induction ceremony with food and festivity and an homage to Don Quijote. There are anywhere up to 60 active members (sometimes more) in this group on a normal year. 

Current student leads: Abby Zane and Alyssa Bashir

Student Council

Cyndi Starrs Student Council is where the planning of all events happens. We work with all members of the Northern Community through events, fundraisers, and activities that overall bring together everyone

About Student Council

Students Leading Students (SLS)

Kathy Quinn

Michelle Singer

SLS is a student-centered group where we work to better our school community! We do this through various projects like the Zen Den (a relaxation room), Car Safety week, and a suicide prevention week. We are super flexible around your schedule, and can’t wait to see you there!

Current club president: Haley Lipman

Tech Crew

Matt Weber The Tech Crew are the people behind the scenes ("backstage") to control all the technical aspects of creating a concert, play, musical, or other live performance.

About Tech Crew

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