Building Info

Welcome to Walled Lake Western High School

We are proud of our accomplishments as an educational community, so if you are considering sending your child to Walled Lake Western High School, I invite you to contact the office to set up a personal tour.

Our Mission

We will motivate all students to achieve academic excellence and to reach their full potential, academically, socially, physically and artistically. We develop citizens with strong interpersonal, technical and communication skills to contribute in a diverse global society.

About Us

Walled Lake Western High School is in a suburban community that is diverse both socio-economically and culturally.  Not only is the surrounding community diverse, but as a school of choice, we attract students from surrounding cities (both urban and suburban) thus adding to the already present diversity and additional unique student perspectives.  

Western High School’s motto is Academic Excellence for a Global Society.  Our faculty is committed to providing the most academically rigorous learning experiences possible for each student while also developing human capacities and a sense of responsibility.  Our general curriculum includes a variety of challenging and rigorous courses marked by their focus on in-depth content knowledge.

This is achieved through a variety of teaching methods such as, problem- based learning, inquiry, debates, Socratic circles, journaling, close analysis, discussions, and student-driven lab work.  In addition, Western offers fifteen different Advanced Placement courses and twenty International Baccalaureate courses, offering a highly rigorous, and college prep curriculum.

One of the first things people notice about our school is the strong sense of community combined with strong academic preparation for life after high school.  Our “family” feel is cultivated by providing students with lots of opportunities to get involved and demonstrate leadership in an array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  WLW offers a wide variety of sports programs, clubs, fine and performing arts, philanthropic opportunities, and multiple academic options. One of the most attractive aspects of our school for students and their parents is that there is something for everyone at Western.