Walled Lake Western-Counseling

Counseling Center Hours and Contact Information.


A-EG                        Amanda Swanson        AmandaSwanson@wlcsd.org

EH-LD                     Dave Walczyk                DavidWalczyk@wlcsd.org

LE-RO                 Pam Wesley                   PamelaWesley@wlcsd.org

RP-Z                         Lisa Kurowski               LisaKurowski@wlcsd.org

Your Counseling Department

It is our Counseling Department's goal to insure all students are able to access the personal/social, academic and career development services of the Walled Lake Western Counseling Department.

The Counseling Office is open from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM school days. 
 Counselors are available from 7:15 AM until 2:22 PM

Counselor Appointments

Forms are available to request an appointment with an assigned counselor in the counseling office. Students must fill a form out and give it to the Counseling Secretary. 

These forms should be picked up/returned before or after school or between classes only.  If a parent would like to attend a meeting, we respectfully request the parent(s) contact their child's specific counselor to set up an appointment.

Your counselor will send you a pass or call you out of class to meet with you.

Counseling Department Staff:

  • Mrs. JoAnn Shurmur, Counseling Secretary, 248-956-4440

Counselor Breakdown (by STUDENT LAST NAME)

Student Last Name Counselor Phone Number
A- EG Mrs. Amanda Swanson 248-956-4442
EH-LD Mr. Dave Walczyk 248-956-4446
LE-RO Ms. Pam Wesley 248-956-4445
RP-Z Ms. Lisa Kurowski 248-956-4441




updated May 12, 2016

Class of 2022 Junior Spring Presentation

Hello, Class of 2022!

As you are looking forward to your senior year, please be sure to do the following:

  • Be sure to complete the Google Course Selection form no later than 2/28/21. You can access the form by clicking on the link below:

CLASS OF 2022 Course Selection GOOGLE form.

  • For the senior summary of WLW course offerings, Click the link below:

SENIOR Summary of Walled Lake Western Course Offerings

IF they link does not work, copy and paste the following link in your browser:

  • Once you have submitted the GOOGLE form, you will receive a copy of your responses for you to refer to when inputting your selections into Skyward/Family Access.
  • CLASSES must also be entered into Skyward/Family Access by 2/28/21.

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