Outside Resources & Tutoring

The Counseling Department acknowledges families who are seeking assistance in various areas. Walled Lake Consolidated Schools (WLCS) provides this information as a source for families to consider when looking for resources. WLCS does not endorse nor receive benefits from any of the agencies listed. WLCS encourages families to thoroughly research potential agencies and programs.

Interview your Therapist - How to Find the Right Therapist 
Midcourse Correction - For over 20 years Midcourse Correction has run a weekend outdoor challenge camp for at risk youth. Our primary objective is to help incorrigible youth develop self-confidence and a higher concern for the effect their choices have on others. The goal is to be a preventative wake up call for youth that are on a self-destructive path.


PDF DocumentAddictions - Agencies assisting with addictions
PDF DocumentDomestic Violence - Agencies assisting with domestic violence
PDF DocumentEating Disorders - Agencies assisting with eating disorders
PDF DocumentEmergency Psychiatric - Agencies assisting on an emergency basis
PDF DocumentFree or Low Cost Serrvices - Free or Low Cost Service Agencies
PDF DocumentGay. Lesbian, & Bisexual - Agencies assisting with sexual orientation
PDF DocumentGrief & Trauma - Agencies assisting with grief & loss
PDF DocumentHelpful Agencies - Agencies assisting with various concerns
PDF DocumentMedical - Agencies assisting with medical issues
PDF DocumentSelf Injury - Agencies assisting with Self injury and body image
PDF DocumentSuicide - Agencies assisting with suicide and prevention