Graduates prior to 2007:

Transcripts may be requested by coming in to the offices Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm OR by submitting their request in writing by US mail. You may also call the office at 248-956-4440. 

All requests MUST be made by the graduate.  NO FEE REQUIRED.

External Link2006 AND PREVIOUS TRANSCRIPT REQUEST - Complete and submit

All requests are processed in a timely fashion. Expect 3-5 school day turn around from time of receipt. 

Graduates 2007- present:

Step 1: Request your Transcript to be "delivered" through Parchment.

Transcripts will be electronically submitted within 10 school days of the requested date.

(Per District Policy – All transcripts are to be processed through the Parchment program.  We will not be mailing transcripts to colleges via US Mail any longer.)

External Link PARCHMENT.COM - The link provides you with the ability to request transcripts through Secure Transcript.  Transcripts requested online are sent securely to the colleges, universities, or scholarship funds that you select.  

You may track your request online through your Parchment account, and you will also receive an email notification when we approve your transcript request, and again when your transcript is mailed (or delivered electronically, based on the delivery preference of the destination that you selected).

7th Semester Transcript Request - SENIORS- you need to complete this form and hand it in to Mrs. Shurmur to have your first semester (7th semester) grades sent to the college(s) you indicate on the form. You must ALSO request the transcript via your PARCHMENT account.

I already have an account with Docufide, will my Username and Password work on Parchment?

Yes, your Username will work but you will be asked to create a new password consisting of at least 6 characters and include at least 1 letter and 1 number.

How do I register for a Parchment account?

If a student under 18 doesn't have an email account unique to them (one can be set up through, or, a parent may set up a family account by selecting the button "Parent or Guardian".  Complete the registration form with parent information.  Then, enter the required identifying information for your student.  If you have additional minor children, you can add them once your Parchment account has been created by signing in, selecting "Preferences" (located in the upper right hand corner by your name--click on the arrow down to select), select "Parent Profile" and then "Add another child to your Parchment account".  You will then need to add the required identifying information for your additional child.

  1. Click On "Sign Up"
  2. Register Your Account < >Enter your Email Address and Confirm Select and answer two security questions Select whether you are a “Student” or “Parent” SAVE AND CONTINUE
  3. Your Information: < >MUST provide Last Name, First Name, Gender, DOB, Current Grade Leve, and Year Entering College Enter a name other than your real name under "User Name" as this name will be visible to ALL Parchment user My Opt-In Preferences: < >MUST answer “YES” or “NO” to the College Discovery and Parchment Newsletter optionsClick on “I Agree to the Parchment Terms of use and student agreement”
  4. Click on "Save and Continue"
  5. An email will be sent that contains a link to activate your Parchment account. If you do not see an email from, please check your spam folder for email from, as their emails are occasionally misidentified .
  6. Follow directions on the email to enter your new Parchment account.

 How do I request a transcript?

Select the tab “My Transcripts”

  1. Search for your school: < >Enter Walled Lake Central (school name), Walled Lake (city) and MI (state) and click on SEARCH. Click on "Walled Lake Central High School" under Matching School
  2. Click "Save and Continue"
  3. Select “Currently Enrolled” or “Not Currently Enrolled”
  4. Enter: < >Enter First, Middle, and Last Name.  SKIP student ID and SS #FERPA Privacy Rights: < >Select Waive or Do Not Waive rights to see any Secondary School Report and other RecommendationsSAVE AND CONTINUE
  5. Skip Parchment Registration Code
  6. Sign your name with the cursor
  7. Click on “I certify under penalty of law that I am the individual identified below and I am authorized to take this action.”
  8. Type name that is registered
  9. Choose to keep clicked or un-click “I also authorize a copy of my transcript to be stored in my Parchment account where I will be able to view and manage this document, and can use it for various optional services”
  10. SAVE AND CONTINUE  (To send a transcript, click on go to Step #1 below)

Sending Your Transcript to a College 

Select the tab "My Transcripts" and click on the "Deliver Latest Transcript" tab to send your transcript to any destination worldwide.

  1. Enter State and name of college (if you need a transcript for scholarship purposes select “Show Other Institutions”)
  2. Select the school
  3. SAVE AND CONTINUE or SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER (if you are requesting more than one transcript at a time)
  4. Double check that the delivery method is correct, and whether you want the current transcript or next grading period.
  6. IF prompted, Enter Credit Card Information (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JTB) and SUBMIT

What is the difference between requesting my transcript into my Parchment account and delivering it to a college or other destination? 

The unofficial transcript posted to your Parchment account is yours to manage. You can store multiple versions of your transcript, view, print and share your transcript. When you need an official transcript delivered to a college or other destination, use the “My Transcripts” tab to initiate the order process.