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Art & Animation Club

Lori Watson


B.E. Western

Kimberly Chumney  

Debate Club

Aleksandra Luchin



Jennifer Marinelli

In DECA, students have opportunities to do community service, go on field trips, improve their leadership and communication skills, and participate in fun social activities. Students will also have the opportunity (if they choose to do it) to compete in business competitions.

ECO Club

Kimberly Chumney



Douglas Bevier


French Club

Beth Smedley

French club is a fun way for students to learn about the French language and culture.

Gaming/ESports Club

Andrew Klassa  

Get I.T. Club

Andrew Klassa

After school team activity designed to encourage high school girls to consider and ultimately pursue a career in information technology

Jew Crew

Mindy Ritter

A place where people can come to participate and learn about Jewish culture

PDF DocumentAbout Jew Crew

Model U.N.

Brian Blackney

Model U.N. founded with the goal of bringing an interactive learning environment to the students of Walled Lake Western. The Western Model UN club continues to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all members through regular meetings, practice committees and attendances at conferences. Lastly, in the nearly 10 years of existence, the club has found a considerable amount of success.


Patrick Ohl

Educational robotics strengthen and support students' skills developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots.

About Robotics

Spanish Club

Christina Sylvester

In Spanish club we expand and explore the culture and languages, and traditions linked with the Spanish language.

Student Council

Aleksandra Luchin

Student Council is where the planning of all events happens. We work with all members of the Western Community through events, fundraisers, and activities that overall bring everyone together.

Tech Crew

Matt Weber

The Tech Crew are the people behind the scenes ("backstage") to control all the technical aspects of creating a concert, play, musical, or other live performance.

About Tech Crew

Tech Crew Interest Survey