Points of Pride

Geisler Middle School is proud of its students and staff!

2017 State School of Character Award

2017 National School of Character Award

Last year we ranked 2nd out of 4 middle schools in Walled Lake on M-Step scores, and over-achieved on our student growth, compared to our peers. 

With the leadership of our teachers, we are the home of Homework club, Fiddle Club, Jazz Band, Multiple choral clubs, LINKS club, an amazing Variety Show, Geography, Science and Spelling competitions, Future City participants and winners, Student Leadership, Random Acts of Kindness club, Junior National Honor Society, forensics club, Yugio club, and the social justice club.

We are the home of over 30 languages, multiple faiths, cultures, races and ethnicities.

We are also the home of the nicest kids in Walled Lake.  Did you know that we are the home of kids who can raise nearly $3000 for “Hoops and Dodgeball for Heart?” We are the home of a National Junior Honors Society that helped to sort food at a food bank in Flint, so that clean water and nutritional food can reach the families who have been affected by the water crisis and are most in need.  We are the home of the Random Acts of Kindness Club, and the LINKs Club, and peer tutors who give up their time to help their peers be more academically and socially successful in school.