Swim Team Information

Banks Geisler Middle School Swim

Head Coach: Sean Oxner (coachoxner@gmail.com)
Website: https://banksgeislerswimdive.shutterfly.com/

Swimming Season/Evaluations: November 25 & 26 4:30-5:30pm Walled Lake Western Pool

End of Season meets: Our league is the Lakes Valley Conference (LVC). We have two end of the season championship meets. The first one is the Walled Lake Invite at Central High School pool with Diving on Friday January 10 and Swimming Saturday January 11. The second one is the LVC meet at Milford High School pool Wednesday January 15.

Participation Requirements:
• Physical (turned into Middle School office)
• Pay-To-Participate (paid to the Middle School office)
• Required Forms (turned into Coach Sean)
Personal Data sheet / Apparel form
• Athletic Private Transportation Authorization
• Team Fees (payable to Sean Oxner) - includes team cap and t-shirt (sweat shirt pants optional)
• Practice suit and goggles
Practice times are 5:00-6:00pm. Swimmers need to be on the pool deck and ready to swim at 5:00pm promptly. Parents need to be at the school no later than 6:10pm to pick up their athletes at the end of practice.
Please note that some practices may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If school is cancelled due to weather, then there will not be any practice. Please be sure to give coach Sean all the pertinent email addresses so they can be added to the email blast.

Meets and Transportation:
-all meets are listed on the calendar DECEMBER JANUARY
-all meets begin promptly at 4:00pm. Buses are provided for home and away meets, but with One-Way transportation only. Parents are responsible for picking up athletes at the meet to take home.
There is no bus for weekend meets.
-if you are not going to attend a meet, please notify Coach Sean as soon as possible (at least 2 days prior to meet day). If illness occurs the day of the meet, please notify Coach Sean as soon as possible so adjustments can be made. Last minute adjustments are difficult to make.
-all student-athletes must attend the entire day of school in order to participate in the swim meets (this includes the Friday before a Saturday meet)

Expectation of student-athletes: All student-athletes are students first! Everyone is expected to take due care of their classes and studies (time management is important). Everyone is expected to attend all classes in order to participate in practice and meets. All student-athletes are to act and behave in a safe and respectful manner (safety is key around pools!). Student-athletes are to cheer for and positively support their teammates. Ridiculing, bullying, and belittlement will not be tolerated as athletes need to be
supportive and respectful to each other. Athletes are to give their best effort at all times.
Swimming requirement: All swimmers are expected to swim in a safe and progressive manner. This includes making 50 yards (2 laps) of continuous (not touching the bottom) freestyle with rotary breathing in shallow and deep water. The head coach will evaluate all student-athletes and has the final say.
Middle School swim and dive is a no cut sport, however, due to safety concerns the student must be able to swim and be comfortable in the water. All students will be given an equal opportunity to prove their abilities to be able to participate in the sport.
Athletes will be assigned events in the swim meets according to their ability/times. Every effort will be made to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in an event, whether it is in a scoring or exhibition heat, provided the swimmer has fulfilled their requirements each week prior to the meet.
Middle school swim and dive is a learning experience, not a learn to swim program. It is to learn the realm of competitive swimming and diving. We hope this experience will encourage students to pursue swimming outside of middle school through club and high school swimming. (please note that high school programs are typically 3 hours of practice a day for 6 days a week and has 13 week seasons) This program is an introduction to the sport and it is highly encouraged for those interested to speak with the high school swim and dive coaches as well as join a club team before their participation in the high school

Academics: School and academics are more important than any sport. If a student is having problems with schoolwork and needs some additional time off, please notify the coach and something will be worked out. This team will follow the school district’s guidelines for academic eligibility as outlined in the athletic handbook. Each week an eligibility report will be sent to the coach and parents will be notified if their child appears on it. If an athlete is ineligible, they must sit out at least one week and until the grades

Attendance: Swimmers and divers are expected to attend all practices each week, unless an arrangement has been made between the athlete and their club coach. All student-athletes are expected to be on deck and ready to get in the water promptly at the start time of practice - 5:00pm. All student athletes are expected to try their best and participate at practice. Please notify the head coach of any injuries or doctor notes that restrict participation. All student-athletes must attend a full day of school in order to participate in practice and competitions.

Team Guidelines:
1. Practice begins promptly at 5:00pm and ends at 6:00pm.
2. NO horseplay in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the lockerrooms (always be safe)
3. Listening and respecting the coaches are expected at all times.
4. Please remove your outside shoes when walking on the pool deck.
5. Please shower head to toe for 15 seconds before entering the swimming pool.
6. Please no parents on the pool deck during practice or at meets unless you’re cleared to help.
7. Please make sure to clean up the pool deck and locker room before leaving.
8. All student-athletes are expected to be present on deck for the entire meet.
9. Student-athletes will wear the team suit, team swim cap, and team t-shirt at all meets. If the sweatshirt and sweatpants are not purchased, then we ask that you wear team the team colors of blue and black.
10. No swearing or foul language. No smoking, vaping, alcohol, or drugs. (no tolerance)
11. Always try your best at practice and always positively support your teammates.