Athletic Events Attendance Policy

Homework Club

Goals: Student safety, Student learning

Every time we have a home Geisler Middle School athletic event, Mr. Pipkin will host Wolf Club in the cafeteria from 3:00—4:00. If students wish to stay after school to attend the event as spectators, they are required to sign in and stay at Wolf Club. During this hour, students will work on homework for the day and chat with friends if they are done with all their work.  Pizza and pop will be on sale since a very large time gap exists between the student lunch and completion of the athletic event. All Wolf Club students will go to the athletic event together, and must be picked up immediately following the athletic contest. This means rides must be prearranged.  Exceptions to this policy will not be made.  Any questions should be directed to Mr. Pipkin.

Pizza: $1 per slice

Pop: $1 per can

Event Entrance: $1 per student