Geisler Clubs & Activities

Geisler Middle School offers many clubs and activities that meet before, after, and during the school day. Joining a club is a great way for students to get more involved with their school community!

Future City -- Bill Leach and Leandra Brandel

Future City is about designing futuristic cities to solve a problem. Every year a new problem is given, and teams use their engineering, research, and collaborative skills to practice city design in SimCity, write an essay, construct a model, and present the model at the annual competition. For the 2018-2019 year, Future City will be meeting on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM, unless WLCSD has a half day or is off school. The club runs from the start of the school year until the end of January.

Social Justice – MaryAnn Burdek

Social Justice is a club addressing different life situations. This club will meet monthly and will run all year. Social Justice will not start until October. Dates are to be determined.

Orchestra Ensemble  -- MaryAnn Burdek

This club is available to anyone of any grade, and is an opportunity to come in after school to play music with a small group of friends or individually. Students receive guidance from Ms.Burdek, and music is generally more challenging than in class. This club meets every Thursday throughout the school year. 

Orchestra Buddies – MaryAnn Burdek

The Jones Foundation Buddy Program will be coming to Geisler after school to provide free lessons to middle school orchestra students. These lessons are taught by Walled Lake Western students, and a great supplement to orchestra class. Lessons are arranged with high school teachers individually, but take place in the orchestra room after school. 

Student Leadership --

Do you have creative ideas and look for solutions to problems? Do you want to make Geisler the best school it can be?  Do you like to work with others and have fun? Then join Student Leadership! We will work on projects like Spirit Week and the Canned Food Drive.

Jazz Band – Mike York

Jazz Band is an after school group made up of 7th and 8th grade band students who are interested in an introduction jazz music. We study several different styles of music, including swing, big band, Latin, and rock. Often times, kids who want to try out a secondary instrument can do this in Jazz Band. Kids are allowed to be on sports teams and other after school activities at the same time as Jazz Band - we are really flexible with the schedule. We have a lot of fun rehearsing (during the second semester) and perform a few pieces at our Spring Collage Concert. If you have questions about Jazz Band, see Mr. York!

Homework Club – Kyle Pipkin

Homework Club is for students who would like to attend after school sporting events. During this time, students will have an opportunity to finish work, and eat pizza. At game time, they will all go together to cheer on classmates.

Coding Club – Amy Stasak

Create your own video games! Design and program your own video games using code and computer science. Learn important gaming concepts while building racing games, mazes, and other fun games. Bring your friends! No previous computer experience is necessary. Have your friends join too.

NJHS – Cyrena Keating

Invitations to apply to the James R. Geisler Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) are given to 7th grade students during the second semester.  Below are the requirements for membership: 1) Minimum of 3.80 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). 2) No mark of "3" or greater in citizenship at any point during middle school 3) No discipline issues 4) No attendance issues 5) Must be a student at GMS for at least 2 semesters 6) Confidential rating by Staff on leadership, service, citizenship, and character 7) Review of application by the Faculty Council of NJHS.

  • Service Projects to the school and community; listen to the morning announcements and your Core 1 Teacher to hear about our next meeting time.
  • Volunteering as helpers at Sneak Peak and Geisler Get Going
  • Volunteering at various elementary school events.
  • Helping in our community.

Newspaper -- Torry Yu

The GMS Newspaper Club meets Thursdays after school, from 3-4pm, in the Computer Lab (Room 226). We write about different events happening around the school and other topics of interest to the GMS community to produce a monthly school newspaper. Some of our members also work as editors, comic artists, layout designers, and news reporters. New members are always welcome!

Robotics Club -- Bill Leach

STAND (Students Taking a New Direction) - Mrs. Hart

This is an anti-bullying student group.