1 to 1 Device Program

Who should get a Chromebook?

Everyone. ALL students should have a personal computer/Chromebook or a district-issued Chromebook. 

What are the advantages of a district-issued Chromebook?

Ease of connectivity. Like the cart Chromebooks (which is what these are), the student will open the machine and within 15 seconds or so, connect to one of the dedicated wireless networks. No need for further authentication. If the wireless is working, it will connect.

Avoid account confusion. Students can only use their district Google account on these devices. There is no confusion about why a student doesn’t have access to a file or activity. They cannot use a personal Google account on the district-issued devices.

Support. With the district-issued device, students get exclusive access to the WLCSD “Geek Squad”. They will submit a support request and we’ll work through the issues. If they have a hardware issue, they will have access to a loaner machine while their device is in for service.

Apps/Programs created for schools. There are a number of programs teachers like to use that can only be accessed on a school-issued device. Among the most used are DRC-Insite (which runs WIDA and the M-Step). Additionally the lockdown browser feature in Google Forms can only be used on district devices. By the nature of these programs, they cannot be installed on a personal Chromebook at all. Some can be installed on a personal Windows laptop, but not a MAC.

What is needed to obtain a Chromebook?

Two Signed Documents. Families need to complete the Insurance form and Handbook Contract Signature page. The contract is the signature page from the 8 page handbook.

Payment. All Chromebooks require a $50 deposit. This will be returned once the student leaves the district upon graduation or transfer provided the Chromebook is returned in good condition. Additionally, a family can choose to purchase an optional $20 Insurance Coverage per year. This covers accidental damage, including a broken screen. Otherwise, repairs will be billed (a screen is $35) per occurrence.

What happens at the end of the year? TBD. At this time, the expectation is that all students will turn in their Chromebook at the end of the year to be updated over the summer and they will get the same machine back in the fall.

Students may have an opportunity to keep their device for the summer. We are working on putting together a process for this due to summer programs, summer homework, and the logistics of collecting all the devices on the last day of school.

What if a student has trouble with their district machine?

They will receive support. Students complete a Support Request form which is posted on all Google Classrooms. This will go to Mrs. Stasak. She will communicate directly with the students (they should check their school email) offering troubleshooting steps and/or telling the student to take it to the office to be sent for repair. They will take the Chromebook to Mrs. Moses in the Main Office and will be able to check out a loaner device while theirs is being repaired.

What if students have issues financially or family cannot pick during the posted times?

Work with the office. There are processes in place for students that need financial assistance or a payment plan. They just need to ask. The financial assistance MUST BE DONE AT BANKS. Students/parents should talk to an administrator to start that process. Families can fill out the paperwork, give it to the office and pay online if they still want to check out a Chromebook. The device will be sent directly to the school within five business days.