Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are offered?

All students will take the four core classes, Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies on an annual basis. In addition, they will have two encore classes. A list of the encore classes can be found on the student page of the school website.

Who is Clifford H. Smart?

Clifford H. Smart was born in Kalkaska, Michigan on January 14th 1905.  He was a dedicated civil servant and served in numerous capacities including, being a state representative and superintendent of schools. He championed the importance of education and served exemplifying our vision “excellence in action.”

What are the foundations of student success?

We have established four essential traits students must emulate to reach their potential.  These help establish high expectations and a common language for the school and families to utilize. Please look for these and discuss their value with your child.

  • Take pride in one’s accomplishments, both individual and collective.
  • Education is a tremendous opportunity. Respect the importance of a quality education.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and treat others in a way that does you and your family proud.
  • Determination is a trait to be admired. Be relentless as you pursue your goals. Failures are only obstacles to overcome.

What is the GAP Goal Achievement Program?

 We have set quarterly areas of emphasis for our students to achieve. They are as follows:

  • Quarter 1: Citizenship
  • Quarter 2: GPA
  • Quarter 3: Reading 
  • Quarter 4: Community Service

Students who attain the previously stated goals will receive quarterly rewards and recognition. These rewards are provided by our PTSA. Examples of past rewards include movie tickets, gift cards and free activity night passes. Students who achieve the GAP award all four quarters for three years will be in the running for a $250 cash scholarship for college (at the end of their senior year). Achieving all four GAP goals is a required criteria for the end-of-the-year Principal’s Award.

GAP details and required documentation forms

What is the Principal’s Award?

At the Honors Ceremony we hold at the end of the school year, an award is given called the Principal’s Award. This goes to roughly five percent of students based on points earned. Points are given based on grade point average, citizenship, and the number of school extracurricular activities a student is engaged in. Achieving all four GAP goals is a required criterion for the Principal’s Award.

Where can parents get resources on relevant issues?

Parenting is the most rewarding, yet challenging task a person can take on. Our greatest resource is our Smart parent community. Please share and rely on each other. Other resources which can be utilized include the local library, web resources (an extensive list of websites is included on the parent page of this site), the Parenting Education Fair, and our school counselors:

Mr. Jeff Giolitti : 956-3517
Mrs. Sara Leshok: 956-3518