Protocol for Smart Sports Fans

The changes in the weather and the sports season have given us an opportunity to re-examine the management of our students who are choosing to stay for sporting events.

The following protocol change will go into effect immediately. Any student choosing to stay for a sporting event must report to the cafeteria at the end of the school day.

  • Students must have everything from their lockers that they will need to go home later; they will not be permitted to return to their lockers.
  • Students must sign in and get their hand stamped.
  • While in the cafeteria the students may do their homework, eat any snack they have brought, and relax prior to game time in a supervised setting.
  • Only students who have their hand stamped or are accompanied by a parent will then be allowed to stay for the event. 

We feel these are positive changes that will not only ensure a great athletic event, but are changes that will encourage the academic success of our students in a safe environment.