Policies and Procedures

Refocus Process

Teacher will ask you to go to the refocus room. You are to get up silently and take your refocus sheet to the designated room. When you arrive at the refocus room you are to quietly work on your refocus sheet. Once you have filled out the refocus sheet, take it to the teacher in that room and they will review it. Then take the refocus sheet with you back to your classroom. Quietly wait outside the door for the classroom teacher to invite you back into the classroom.

1st refocus: warning

2nd refocus: lunch detention

3rd refocus: after school detention

4th refocus: Saturday detention

Cell Phone / Technology Policy

Cell phones, Apple watches, I-Pods, and AirPods are not allowed during school hours, if you choose to bring your cell phone to school it needs to remain in your locker. 

1st offense: warning

2nd offense: lunch detention

3rd offense: after school detention

4th offense: Saturday detention

5th offense: loss of cell phone privileges

Tardy Policy

There is 5 minutes passing time in between class to go to your locker or use the bathroom. If you are late to class you will receive a tardy violation

4 tardies: lunch detention

7 tardies: after school detention

10 tardies: Saturday detention

10+ tardies will result in further disciplinary action including, but not limited to loss of privileges