It's a Great Day to Be a Hawk!

Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures


Costume Guidelines:


1. Show responsibility when choosing your costume

 No clown-like costumes

 No real or pretend weapons

 Nothing promoting substance abuse or gang related dress

 No spike bracelets

 No fake blood

 No glitter

 No masks (for safety reasons)

 No fake/exaggerating body parts


2. Before coming to school:

Things to do at home:

 Put on your costume

 Apply your make-up (glitter make-up is fine)

 Color your hair if necessary


3. At school

 Make-up is not to be applied at school

 No colored hair spray may be brought to school

 Students must change for PE unless your teacher indicates otherwise

 Show your school spirit by participating appropriately and having fun


4. Any student that is sent to the Responsibility Room during the week will not be allowed to go to the canteen. There are no refunds on tickets. Choices and Consequences!