Policies and Procedures

It's a Great Day to be a Hawk!

The Hawk Habits have been developed to promote a positive and engaging learning environment. All members of the Creek Community are encouraged to display Respect, Responsibility and Safety at all times. For specific descriptions of what the Hawk Habits look like in different settings, check out the PDF file below.


PDF DocumentHawk Habits Matrix

Cell Phone Policy

All cell phones and earbuds are to be silenced and secured in lockers from 8:10 - 3:00 PM.  Students are permitted to check their cell phone during passing time after 5th hour to review parent/guardian communications.

If a student is found in possession of a device outside of these times, adults will confiscate the device and deliver it to the Attendance Office immediately.  Parent will be notified to pick up the device.

Additional consequences per administration discretion.  

Students are permitted to use the telephone in the attendance office with adult permission.

Tardy Policy

There is 5 minutes passing time in between classes to go to lockers or use the bathroom. If students are late to class they will receive a tardy violation

3 tardies - email to parent/guardian

4 tardies: lunch detention

8 tardies: after school detention

10 tardies: after-school detention

10+ tardies will result in further disciplinary action including, but not limited to loss of privileges, athletic suspension, ISS, Loss of Locker Privileges

Hall Pass Policy

All students are required to bring their school issued planner to all classes daily. Planners are used as hall passes for all classes. 

If a student needs a hall pass (bathroom, locker, etc.), the teacher will sign the planner at the bottom of today’s date. 

If a student does not have a planner:

  • The student may use the bathroom, go to their locker, etc. Students receive a tardy if they need to use a hall pass without a planner. 

  • If a student has already used two passes, they may leave but will be assigned a tardy.